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Who Runs the World? An Alternate Theory among The Gentleman…

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Guy Ritchie returns to the big screen with a colorful but slightly crude movie, about an American man living in London, ready to retire from his highly successful yet illegal marijuana business. The film is fast-paced. It ramps up from the first scene all the way to the end credits. The female lead does not have many action scenes. She has less than 100 lines, but each of her scenes and each of her lines packs a punch. The wife of Mikey Pearson is Mrs. Rosalind. She is a cerebral force that keeps Mickey and the men on task. She's a woman you don't want to mess with.

As a woman, who wouldn't want to relate to her, she's a queen among men. A self-made entrepreneur in the automobile industry, and she does is it all in her black stiletto Jimmy Choo's. Now, I imagine some girls were bribed by their significant other to attend this particular movie, one raunchy bro movie for one rom-com. But for all its foul language and harsh murder scenes, the film was tempered with the passionate love story between Mikey and Rosalind. Hidden beneath it all is one man's drive to be with his wife.

I'm a softy for a strong female lead, and Michelle Doherty did not disappoint. Behind every man is a strong, smart, beautiful woman. Men may think they rule the world, but Beyoncé puts it best, we girls run the world, and we can do it all in our high heeled shoes… or converse, you choose your shoe wear. Rosalind is a badass, there's no other way to describe her. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind, she never apologizes, and she's not scared to put the men in her life in their place. Rosalind tells them when they're wrong, and she knows when she's right. She exudes confidence! She can handle her men just like she handles her guns, she doesn't miss.

This movie's intention was to make you laugh, enjoy a little drama, and get your heart racing, because hey, it's Matthew McConaughey, and he's hot. But I wager, 200 million pounds, that you left wanting to be her, to be Rosalind, just for a day. A woman who doesn't apologize and takes life head-on. The confidence she exudes lies in us all, we only need to harness it, put it to use, and never apologize for it. Maybe not so crudely or rudely, but we can learn a lesson from Mrs. Pearson. Be brave, be calm, and be confident because when all those items are in sync, you will run the world.

1 Corinthians 15:10

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