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My Ode to Coffee and Big Bend

My body wakes up on its accord. There is no alarm clock, only the internal workings of my natural circadian rhythm. Finally, all the cogs and gears are in tune. My spine creaks and groans, my muscles cry in protest but it’s the best sleep I’ve had in months. My head is finally clear and quiet. Who knew all I needed was a cold hard ground to feel alive once more.

My blood sings for its drug; even 800 miles away from home my skin itches for a hit. The sharp and bitter taste of those chocolate fine grounds find their way into my little pot of boiling hot water. The steam swirls and twirls like little curly qs up my nose. Immediately, the smell alone awakens my senses. I’m alert and blood crackles like fire in my veins. Out in the Chisos Basin, coffee is my lifeline.

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