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Alyssa Warrior Princess

Alyssa Warrior Princess feels ashamed. She wants to hide or curl up into a tiny ball so small that she’s microscopic; or even nonexistent. He looks at her with skeptical eyes. He is so tall. He is formidable. She feels dirty, like a stain on the pretty green couch. His words are blunt but sharp as steel, where is her shield? Her heart is heavy, her legs like lead, but there’s nowhere to run. What is she to do?

At last, she stands. Her legs are strong. She is powerful. She owns her mistakes. She accepts the weight of her guilt, but she chooses to turn it into light. His words were like bullets, but she found her shield. The bullets keep flying but they don’t find their mark. She has made her choice. He does not scare her; even if, it’s his only son.

Love conquers all.

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